Young People and Communities

Young people are at the heart of Scouting. With over 57 million members worldwide, Scouting is set to become the world’s largest educational youth movement, empowering young people to become active citizens and leaders.

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Scouting welcomes young people of all backgrounds, belief, ethnicities, genders and abilities. We are an inclusive, values-based Movement that celebrates our diversity. 

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Two Scouts water a tree in Burundi
© WSF / Yoshi Shimizu

In a world facing climate crises and alarming rates of wildlife and nature loss, Scouts are leaders in sustainable advocacy, lifestyle, and climate action and helping restore our planet.

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scouts collecting life jackets from the sea shore of greece
World Scout Bureau

Humanitarian efforts and values are pivotal to Scouting, which is why Scouts are often among the first to respond in times of crisis.

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A closeup of a blue and white Messengers of Peace scout scarf worn by a scout girl
Miguel Antuna - SAASILEF IG mike.masters117 and saasilef


Scouting promotes peace and mutual understanding through the principles of dialogue.

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Muteco, Brazil Scouts
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Three World Scouting Youth Representatives, from Kenya, Lithuania and Australia, post in front of a #UNGA sign at the United Nations with Ahmad Alhendawi, Secretary General of WOSM
World Scout Bureau
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Two children wearing scout scarves.
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