Diversity and Inclusion

Scouting is an inclusive Movement that welcomes young people and adult volunteers from all backgrounds, beliefs, ethnicities, genders, and abilities. With 57 million Scouts coming from 172 National Scout Organizations, we are constantly adapting to meet the evolving needs, expectations, and aspirations of young people in different social contexts. This enables them to thrive in a dynamic and multicultural world, where we respect and value differences.

Two Scouts, a boy and a girl, stand together holding a HeForShe sign for gender equality
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Proudly Promoting Gender Equality

Gender equality is a human right. Scouts are committed to ensuring that women and girls have full equality of rights and opportunities to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 5.

Scouts are proud supporters of UN Women’s #HeForShe initiative, where everyone can unite in solidarity with women for gender equality. For activity ideas, check out our #HeForShe Action Kit.

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Scouting: An Inclusive Movement Open to All

We are committed to Scouting that is open, accessible, and inclusive for all. When we respect, value, and learn about the diversity of communities, we maximise the potential of young people and adults, creating better world for everyone.

By strengthening our Youth Programme and reaching out to new communities, we can ensure that more young people and volunteers from all backgrounds have the opportunity to experience the life-changing power of Scouting.

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Get Active with Scouts for SDGs

#Scouts4SDGs is the world’s largest coordinated youth contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our actions are helping achieve the SDGs, including on gender equality, quality education, and many more by 2030.

Learn about the Global Goals and how Scouts can contribute to this worldwide mobilisation effort for sustainability and community development..

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Three World Scouting Youth Representatives, from Kenya, Lithuania and Australia, post in front of a #UNGA sign at the United Nations with Ahmad Alhendawi, Secretary General of WOSM
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  • Diversity and Inclusion Position Paper
    Diversity and Inclusion Position Paper
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  • Guidelines: Scouting for Children in Difficult Circumstances
    Guidelines: Scouting for Children in Difficult Circumstances
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  • Action Kit: Scouting in Humanitarian Settings
    Action Kit: Scouting in Humanitarian Settings
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